Arkaos has built its reputation with the development of innovative technology in the areas of video mapping, multimedia management and dedicated servers for control. It's a new approach to lighting effects and lighting control, which has given new solutions to light designers and lighting technicians all over the world.

Origin: 1992, Belgium /

Equipment and Solutions

Some Arkaos Works/Supplies

Sandeman Caves, Vila Nova de Gaia

2018 The Sandeman Caves in Vila Nova de Gaia have long been a museum that contextualizes and tells the story of one of the […]

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Arkaos Supply – TECNILIGHT, Your AV Solution

2018 – Supply of Arkaos with MediaMaster Pro for the production company “TECNILIGHT, Your AV Solution” Follow TECNILIGHT, Your AV Solution at: Learn more about […]

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Girafa Complex – Brincolândia (Angola)

2017 – New space for leisure and events in the Angolan capital. Located in the Benfica district of Luanda, the Girafa Complex has brought a new and […]

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Arkaos Stage Server Supply – Digital Frame

2015 Supply of Arkaos Stage Server to the Audiovisual and Multimedia company based in VN de Gaia DIGITAL FRAME Follow Digital Frame […]

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Arkaos Supply – Cultural Kids

2015 – Supply Arkaos with Stage Server Pro models and MediaMaster Pro software for the production company “Cultural Kids“ Follow Cultural Kids at: […]

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Arkaos Supply – Your JukeBox

2015 – Supply Arkaos with the Stage Server Pro for the producer “Your JukeBox” Follow Your JukeBox at: Learn more about the systems […]

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Arkaos Supply – Vilicri

2014 – Supply of Arkaos with Studio Server for the production company “Vilicri” Follow Vilicri at: Learn more about Arkaos professional systems at […]

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