Audio Lisbon studio with Genelec immersive system – Case Study

2019 - Portuguese version of the original Genelec Press Release / Case Study about the project in the new Audio Lisbon studio.

Carnaxide, Portugal.

Genelec's smart active monitors are central to the immersive setup of Audio Lisbon's recent post-production studio in Portugal. The installation was created specifically to help this studio project itself to international markets, with a 7.1.4 monitoring system in order to add more value to the services it already offers.

Audio Lisbon had been working on a 5.1 version for a long time, so the prospect of being able to handle fully immersive content was naturally the next step. “As a studio conceived from scratch, it seemed logical to plan and install this format right from the start, to avoid making changes in the future,” explains Pedro Carvalho, Partner at Audio Lisbon. “It is also a way for us to be able to offer other solutions to regular customers, as well as attract new customers from other markets.”
After making that decision, the next challenge was finding the right tools to improve the studio's workflow. “We considered several brands and systems for monitoring in immersive sound” recalls Pedro Carvalho. “We wanted self-calibrating active nearfield monitors with an SPL suitable for the volume of the room and that had AES/EBU connectivity, for connection to our AVID MTRX interface. And of course, they would have to sound good!”
It was at this point that Genelec's Portuguese distributor, Garrett Audiovisuais, became involved in the project. “Since Genelec launched The Ones series of coaxial monitors, we have been curious to know what these models could do”, says Pedro Carvalho. "After a visit to Garrett's facilities we were able to hear the model 8351 and the doubts disappeared."
Working with Marcelo Tavares, from Audiodesigner, for the acoustic project, and Paulo Mendes, for the technical design and installation, Audio Lisbon opted for an exclusive Genelec 7.1.4 Smart Active Monitoring solution. The 8341A coaxial monitors were installed in the LCR positions, while the 8340A monitors were used for the side and rear points, and the 8330A monitors handle the ceiling channels. Two subwoofers were also installed, to work with the LF content and ensure the system's bass management. A 7370A subwoofer was attached to the front and surround monitors, while the more compact 7360A model was chosen as a partner for the in-ceiling monitors.
After installing the system, Pedro Carvalho mentioned the possibility of fine tuning with the GLM calibration software as “the icing on the cake”. “Although I had absolute confidence in Marcelo's work in terms of acoustics, it is a huge advantage to be able to have a system that corrects small anomalies in the room's acoustics and makes it possible to have different calibrations from 2.0 to 7.1.4, in a practical and effective way.,” highlights.
With the new post-production studio now fully operational, Pedro Carvalho is more than satisfied with the results achieved and particularly with the new monitors. “I'm a fan of these concentric models, the sound quality and detail is impressive, the size/power ratio is amazing. Even having opted for a mix between concentric and conventional models for our system, the balance obtained is quite good. They also have a good dynamic range and good transient response. This investment represents a commitment to expand to other markets at a national and international level.”


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3 uni. - 8341 SAM™ Studio Monitor

4 uni. - 8340A SAM™ Studio Monitor

4 uni. - 8330A SAM™ Studio Monitor

1 unit - 7370A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

1 unit - 7360A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

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