A company that is not prepared to hold meetings at a distance is not prepared for the future.

Even in a room with the right equipment (camera, micro, speakers) obstacles such as software incompatibilities or complex and time-consuming configurations can occur.

But now a new player has arrived on the market: Barco ClickShare Conference!

 O  Bring your own meeting (BYOM): bring the video conference you are having on your PC/MAC into the room

 O  Connect with everyone in under 7 seconds with ClickShare Conference

 O  Use the most convenient communication platform for everyone: Skype, Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, etc.

 O  Share your presentations on the room screen or on remote participant screens.




ClickShare - A Single System That Simplifies Everything



Choose the most suitable video conferencing and collaboration application 

• If your company regularly uses MS Teams as a videoconferencing platform, but that new customer only uses Zoom, no problem. Just start Zoom and the room's peripherals (camera, micro and TV) continue to work without any interference.

  The peripherals of your choice  

guaranteed compatibility

• Your company already has a room equipped with cameras, microphone and monitor. It's virtually guaranteed that you don't need to replace anything to host the ClickShare Conference system. Barco's technology was developed respecting various protocols in order to guarantee a smooth operation of all the hardware involved.

  PC or Mac, Android or iOS  

Work with your devices

• The ClickShare application can be installed on any operating system, allowing content sharing, video conferencing, screen sharing, etc. This software is extremely lightweight and installs almost instantly. Using the ClickShare Conferencing Button, content sharing and video conferencing becomes even faster. A guest of yours at the company will be able to connect the ClickShare Conferencing Button to their own computer and be within the sharing network in about 7 seconds.



  simple to understand  

Watch the video and see how simple and advantageous it is to work with ClickShare



Applicable to any Space of any Dimension


The ClickShare system can be applied to any size and purpose, but always with the guarantee of simplicity and functionality.

Enter the room and automatically connect to the system without passwords and without extra settings that sometimes spoil the mood for what really matters.






Find out which ClickShare system best suits your needs


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