German Biotec laboratory proves the effectiveness of Luxibel B Air v2 in eliminating the Coronavirus

In May 2020, Luxibel launched its first UVC devices for air and surface disinfection. However, these systems have already been sold in more than 20 countries for the most diverse applications: from medical practice rooms to offices, sports clubs, hotels and restaurants. 

At the request of Luxibel, the German research laboratory biotech performed a extensive study about the safety and effectiveness of the B AIR V2 UVC air purifier. A harmless surrogate coronavirus (MS2), which is anatomically similar to the SARS-CoV-2 variant, was used for this test. From the measurements it was clear that the air was 99,994% clean after a single pass through the device: the virus RNA is damaged by the strong UVC light in the closed housing of the B AIR V2 to such an extent that the virus is completely neutralized. After one hour of operation, more than 90% of virus particles in a closed room measuring 11.37 cubic meters became harmless. After 24 hours, no active viruses were found in this room. 

The study also focused on the safety of the devices: UVC radiation is not suitable for human exposure. It was concluded that no harmful UVC radiation can be measured outside the Luxibel B AIR V2. It has also been established that Signify light sources do not generate ozone.

Since May 22, 2021, manufacturers in Belgium have to follow certain rules for the marketing of air purification systems against Covid-19. These rules are established in ministerial decree and should provide a better vision and control of supply. This decree sets the standards that ventilation systems for public spaces must meet and prohibits systems that pose a health risk. O Luxibel B AIR V2 was registered, inspected, approved and announced as a certified air purification system in the fight against Covid-19.

In view of autumn and winter, the Belgian government (FPS Public Health) wants to pay attention to indoor air quality in public areas. There is no obligation for companies, institutions and managers of public spaces to install a ventilation system. However, there are obligations to meet certain air quality standards. An air purification system is one of the options to meet these standards.

The Superior Council of Health recommends ventilation to limit the aerial transmission of Covid-19 in public spaces. At the same time, it also warns that no ventilation purification system can guarantee virus-free 100% air. Respecting basic rules such as wearing a mask, washing hands, cleaning surfaces and keeping the necessary distance is therefore essential.

B AIR V2Luxibel B Air v2 - Garrett UVC

• 2x Philips TUV 55W HO bulbs
• Yield: 117m³/h
• WxHxD: 115 x 18 x 23.5 cm • Weight: 11.1 kg
• Consumption: 129W • IP20
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