Window Cosmopolitan Bar, Lisbon

Provision of the sound system and DJ for this bar in the heart of Lisbon. Dj set composed by Yamaha MG102C and Pioneer DJM700. Sound by […]

FX Road Lights

FX Road Lights

Supply of Jands Vista T2 table, in use on the “Xutos e Pontapés Tour 2011”



Supply of professional lighting equipment for the company Mediaburst – Audiovisual Consulting and Engineering. The investment was made in LED technology, particularly in moving […]

Ada Gatti (Loja), Freeport - Alcochete

Ada Gatti (Store), Freeport – Alcochete

Installation of Ambient Sound System at the Ada Gatti store in Freeport, with RCF ceiling and central speaker and Lab.gruppen amplification.

Auditório Musibéria / Câmara Municipal de Serpa

Musiberia Auditorium / Serpa City Council

In the auditorium of the International Center for Music and Dance of the Iberian World – Musibéria, part of the scenic structure of this space was modernized, […]

Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon

Project carried out in partnership with the company Correia & Matos, with Garrett supplying and support for the installation of the RCF VSA system comprising […]

Câmara Municipal da Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz City Council

Supply and assembly of Beyerdynamic MCS 20 Conference System, with Steno-S digital recording system.  

CTT Auditorium, Lisbon

Project carried out in partnership with the company Luzeiro, with Garrett contributing to the supply and assembly in this auditorium of the Conference System […]

Banco de Portugal, Porto

Bank of Portugal, Porto

Supply and assembly at the Porto branch of a Beyerdynamic MCS50 conference system, complemented with an audio and video system.