Observador - Estúdio TV

"Observador" - TV Studio

2014 – The digital newspaper Observador also has a space dedicated to interviews and video reports, which are available for viewing on the online platform of this newspaper.

Cofre de Previdência

Auditorium of the Pension Fund, Covilhã

2014 – Cofre de Previdência carried out a remodeling/expansion of its facilities in 2014. Garrett participated in the lighting project for the auditorium of the facilities in Covilhã, with the supply of a Jands Stage CL control table and Chauvet projectors.

FX Road Lights

FX Road Lights Partner

2014 – The Portuguese company of rental and lighting projects FX Road Lights, has been one of our clients/partners that has placed our brands in the national audiovisual showcase.

Centro Cultural de Belém

Belem Cultural Center

2014 – The lighting control of the Small and Large Auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Belém has new reinforcements.

Fifa World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 – Media Burst Partner

2014 – Through our partner Media Burst, several TV lighting equipment were supplied to be used in the 2014 “World Cup”.
Copacabana Studio, Main Arabic Studio and Flash Interview Studios were equipped with GLP X4 led moving-heads, Chroma-Q Studio Phosphor T12/V12/D12xt led projectors, among others.

Luis da Silva Center, Borba

2014 – União das Misericórdias launched its third facility in Borba dedicated to the support of people with profound disabilities. A center with 6000m² and capacity for 72 users.


Évora University

2014 – Garrett, in partnership with Areal Editores, developed and installed an audio project in order to improve the intelligibility of the interventions in the Sala dos Atos and in the Senate hall belonging to Colégio do Espírito Santo, in the auditorium of Polo da Mitra and in the Higher School of Nursing.

Inforchip, Angola

Projects with partner Inforchip, Angola

2014 – The partnership with the company Inforchip operating in Angola, carried out 3 projects of very similar conference systems, implemented in 3 different locations.

Restaurante "O Mercado", Lisboa

Restaurant “O Mercado”, Lisbon

2014 – Design and installation of a sound system with surround sound speakers RCF, AMC volume controllers and control center RCF ES3160.