Lusomercado (Supply)

2015 – Empresa de Audiovisuais Lusomercado LDA, based in the Lisbon area, acquired the Beyerdynamic ORBIS conference system for its list of solutions

Luzeiro/Botãozinho : encomenda 635

Button College Auditorium

2015 – A project made from scratch in partnership with the Portuguese company Luzeiro, which included the sound design of the Auditorium at Colégio Botãozinho through the dBTechnologies DVA M2M+DVA M2S line-array system. Complement of video insertion and reproduction system and wireless feedback.

Basílica da Santíssima Trindade

Basilica of the Holy Trinity

2015 – The Church of the Santíssima Trindade of the Sanctuary of Fátima, elevated to a Basilica in 2012, is an imposing work of architecture and engineering, visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year.
The intelligibility of the voice of those involved is fundamental in any Church, but in this specific case, the challenge was to guarantee quality sound coverage for the 8,633 seats.



2015 – The first Science and Technology Park in the Autonomous Region of the Azores was born in Lagoa, Ilha de S. Miguel. An investment aimed at […]

Lojas Francas do Aeroporto se Sá Carneiro

Free Shops at Sá Carneiro Airport

2015 – For Duty Free Shops at Sá Carneiro Airport, Garrett supplied and installed a Digital Signage system, consisting of LCD's NEC Multisync.

Salão Principal da sede da CPLP lx

Main Hall of the CPLP lx headquarters

2015 – For the main hall of the CPLP headquarters in Lisbon, Garrett supplied and installed a Beyerdynamic Quinta wireless conference system, consisting of 11 delegate bases and 1 president.

Delphi, Seixal

2015 – The multinational Delphi remodeled its Executive meeting room, belonging to the facilities in Seixal. Garrett participated in this project with the development and installation of an audiovisual system

Continental Teves Portugal

2015 – Garrett supplied the Continental Teves automobile components factory in Palmela with a complete Beyerdynamic Synexis audio guide system, sized for an audience of 20 people through 20 Synexis RP8 receivers accompanied by DT2 headphones.