Thalia Theater

2016 – Professional lighting in secular theatre. Known in the past in Lisbon as Teatro das Laranjeiras, this secular theater was recovered by the state after […]

Wilma Simões European Institute

2016 – One of the objectives of the Wilma Simões European Institute – WSEI is to transmit the knowledge acquired by Dr Wilma Simões during her more than 50 years of practice in the field of Functional Jaw Orthopedics.

PREH Portugal

2016 – In partnership with the installer Microamper, an ATËIS voice alarm system was supplied to Preh's facilities in Portugal.

Money Museum – Bank of Portugal

2016 – Garrett participated in the Museu do Dinheiro project, with the supply and installation of a professional 7.1 surround sound system

Auditorium of the German School of Lisbon

2016 – After 12 years of its inauguration, the auditorium of the Escola Alemã de Lisboa received an upgrade in terms of audiovisual systems, in order to keep up with the needs of the institution's community.

Lisbon Charm Flats Hotel

2016 – A less conventional hotel in the center of Lisbon, which chose to equip all its rooms with Marshall Acton speakers, ready to be fed with customers' music via Bluetooth or cable.