Paul VI Pastoral Center – Fatima

The Paulo VI Pastoral Center in Fátima, opened in 1982, underwent a thorough renovation in 2012, which brought more comfort and flexibility to the various activities promoted at the Centre. For conferences, meetings or congresses, the Center has the following spaces: Amphitheater with 2,092 seats; Good Shepherd Hall with 600 seats; John Paul II Room with 140 seats; 10 rooms with 20 to 90 seats.

Garrett participated in this project through its partner sonartis, with consultancy and supply of a wide range of sound solutions. From the public address to the ambient sound, through the RCF Forum 9000 conference system, which is a world first.

Paul VI Amphitheater

With a capacity for 2124 seats, the Center's amphitheater was equipped with the conference system RCF Forum 9000, a simultaneous translation system RCF Forum 2000 and several rechargeable portable receivers to manage the interaction between the speakers and the audience. The sound system of the Amphitheater has active speakers RCF TTL-11A and subs RCF TTS26-A.

Good Shepherd Hall

For this space with capacity for 600 seats, another conference system was integrated RCF Forum 9000, a simultaneous translation systemRCF Forum 2000, RCF wireless microphone and auscultation systems, and loudspeaker RCF TT052A.

John Paul II Hall

A space with 140 seats that has a conference system RCF Forum 6000, wireless microphone systems RCF TX and PX, and sound by the speakers RCF TT052A.

Common Spaces

-For the galleries and corridors of the different floors that interconnect all the spaces of this center, several recessed columns were installed RCF PL60 and wall columns RCF MQ60H.
The amplification was in charge of the amplifiers Lab.gruppen C Series, and digital recording and playback by RCF's RD2008 and MS1033.
The active columns of Genelec 8020B fulfill their function as monitoring elements for the sound control of this renovated center.

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