2022 - Drama Lounge Bar, Parede (Cascais) - Sound and Lighting System

"Drama Lounge Bar" is a new space in Parede (Cascais) that combines in the same environment: live music, a bar where you can have a drink, or even dinner.
Garrett Audiovisuais participated in this project with the supply and installation of various sound and lighting solutions.

Sound system
Genelec's 4000 series of installation speakers equips the main room, combining the premium sound of the Finnish brand with the flexibility of network management. Here too, 2 Genelec 5041 wall-mounted subwoofers ensure bass in the space.
In the reception and WC, the choice fell on models of built-in RCF loudspeakers (PL 60) and on the terrace a model of Russound loudspeakers for outdoors (SB55).
The sound management center was equipped with a digital sound processor and Blaze PowerZone 504 amplifier to power the passive speakers present in the space.
RCF 515A speakers complement the sound system for live music performances.

Lighting System
The Drama Lounge Bar is a space with a diversified offer that can adopt different configurations depending on the needs.
For this reason, a complete lighting system was designed and installed with spotlights for use on an electric track, which allows the repositioning of the various luminaires, thus accompanying the reconfigurations of the space.
With full wireless DMX control, the projectors are divided into Moving-Heads RGBW + PAR's RGB with greater emphasis on scenic and decorative lighting, and PAR projectors Warm White for ambient lighting.
A VISTA by Chroma-Q MV lighting table ensures full control of this scenic, decorative and ambient lighting system.

CUE System's integration solutions allow the control of various equipment present in the "Drama Lounge Bar", being possible to control through a central tactile panel various parameters of the sound and light system, such as volume and sound source, or the intensity of some lamps.
Follow the Drama at https://www.dramaloungebar.pt/


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Genelec 4020 - Installation Speaker

Genelec 5041 - Active In-Wall Subwoofer


RCF PL60 - Ceiling Speaker

Russound SB55 - Acclaim Speakers

Blaze PowerZone 504 - Professional Audio Amplifier

GLP impression FR1 Track Mount - RGBW moving head

View MV™ Control Surface

touchCUE 5 B - Touch Panel

The Facilities

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