2022 - Supply of various video/lighting equipment for the company Palco 22

- Video Panel LED F2 (2.9 mm pixel pitch) by Chauvet Professional
+info: https://www.chauvetvideo.com/

- Vista lighting control table by Chroma-Q
+ info: https://www.vistabychromaq.com/

- Sundrax lighting control system
+ info: https://www.sundrax.com/

- Global Truss truss structures
+info: https://globaltruss.de/

- Chauvet DJ LED equipment
    Freedom Flex H4 IP
Intimidator Hybrid 140SR
Slimpar Pro H
Freedom H1
+info: https://www.chauvetdj.com/

- Chauvet Professional LED fixtures
    Ovation E 160WW
+info: https://www.chauvetprofessional.com/

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