Professional Lighting Supply – São Carlos National Theater


were provided for National Theater of San Carlos various lighting equipment for the stage and orchestra. This supply followed a decision to upgrade the old conventional equipment with new LED equipment, namely the Ovation F265WW fresnel and the Ovation E910FC cutouts, both from Chauvet Professional.
We asked Paulo Godinho, Head of the Lighting Sector at TNSC, for his opinion on these new equipment and the feedback was very positive:
Fresnel LED Ovation F265WW: “We were somewhat surprised, positively, by the luminous intensity of these projectors. We still have some leeway in terms of intensity, because it's not being used at the maximum percentage. The stage is completely covered with brightness between 800lux and 1000lux, the stage area is 14 meters wide and 13 meters deep, the height of the projectors is between 8 and 9 meters. The Portuguese Symphony Orchestra is pleased with the LED lighting purchased.”
Ovation E910FC LED Cutouts “We are using the 18 cutouts in the Valkiries production and the feedback given by the creators is very positive, for us it is quite comfortable to have a project that allows us to have several color solutions and in relation to the quality of the light, it is fantastic, for example we have 6 projectors at a height of 12 meters creating a corridor of light and the end result is very good.”
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