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2019 - Portuguese version of the original Genelec Press Release / Case Study about our work with the brand at the JNcQUOI Asia Lisboa restaurant.
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Lisbon, Portugal 

Definitely the hottest opening of a restaurant in Lisbon in recent months. JNcQUOI Asia continues the haute cuisine trend in the Portuguese capital, defined by the first JNcQUOI (Avenue) in 2017. Like its predecessor, JNcQUOI Asia is defined by a generous dimension, impactful design, several differentiated spaces and a sound system State-of-the-art Genelec, designed and installed by Garrett Audiovisuais.

With the capacity to accommodate over 300 people, JNcQUOI Asia is not just about food. It's a place where people come to see and be seen, at the bar, restaurant, sushi bar or outside terrace and garden. Garrett provided a high-quality audio solution for each zone, with full control via strategically placed wall-mounted touch panels, or via smartphone app.
The first space is a luxury bar, capable of hosting live bands as well as DJ's. It comprises three separate zones: the DJ area, which utilizes a pair of Genelec G Five, offering the professional performance of an active speaker but with the flexibility of XLR and RCA connectivity, and a pair of 5041 subwoofers recessed into the wall behind the booth. of DJ; the main bar area, equipped with six 4030 speakers, plus six 4040 speakers, the largest speakers in the installation series, plus three 5041 subwoofers hidden in the pillars;
and, finally, the WC - a design haven in itself - where Garrett installed four AIC25 columns in the ceiling.
The challenge for the bar area was being able to provide enough coverage for what is a very open space without sacrificing SPL quality. The solution also needed to be as unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing as possible. “We spent a lot of time checking the placement of the speakers to get the best possible result, and then we tuned the system with the controls of the speakers themselves, in addition to the equalization and delay through a matrix”, reports Garrett's sales director, Raul Fernandes, who also describes that there is an output in the processor for each column, allowing each column to be individually controlled with the
maximum precision. “When the system was installed, we turned the music up to a very high level and I invited the owner to come with me to the middle of the room. It was possible to have an intelligible conversation - I told him that's why we used Genelec! ”
For the restaurant area, Garrett opted for a total of fourteen 4040 speakers. The biggest problem here was the acoustics, as the outer wall is mostly glass and there's a huge glass roof that houses a magnificent dragon. “As there was no room for subwoofers in the restaurant, the 4040 model gave us the complementary bass response we needed while maintaining an aesthetic sobriety. The most challenging point was to manage a space with a high sound reflection. Fortunately, Genelec products stand out from the rest in this regard, and once again we were able to calibrate the system very accurately and get excellent results - in other words, clean, intelligible audio at levels that customers can still
keep a comfortable conversation. ”
Garrett was also willing to carry out sound measurements outside the restaurant to ensure that there would be no problem for the hotel next door, where some of the rooms are half-walled with the bar. “We had to make sure there was no soundcheck. Once again, Genelec proves to be an excellent choice, because the columns are extremely efficient, with tightly controlled directivity”, says Garrett project manager Mário Trigueiros. “Listeners are under the impression that the system is loud because the intelligibility is high, which allows us to keep SPLs low – which is great for the neighbors!”
Raul Fernandes and Mário Trigueiros are proud of what they have achieved at JNcQUOI Asia. "It's another fantastic showcase for us and for Genelec", confirms Trigueiros. “Genelec is a high quality brand, ideal for this type of environment, where failures or performance drops are not tolerated. The design of the active system is a bonus - firstly, because it saves space and makes installation easier, and secondly, in the unlikely event of a drive failure, the rest of the system is not compromised. This is very reassuring to the owners, although we haven't seen any sort of glitch yet. The owners are thrilled with the results and so are we. It is enough to pay attention to the opinions of the staff and customers to realize that the concept is a success at all levels. ”

Other brands that were part of this project: Russound (outer columns); RCF (columns); Cue System (system integration and control); GLP (scenic lighting)

Follow JNcQUOI Asia at https://www.jncquoi.com/asia/

Genelec models used in this project

20 uni - 4040A Installation Speaker

6 unit - 4030C Installation Speaker

5 uni. - 5041A Active in-Wall Sub

4 uni. - AIC25 Active In-Celing Speaker

2 uni. - G Five Active Speaker

GLM Software

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