2020 - Honest Greens Amoreiras Restaurant, Lisbon

After the opening of the first Honest Greens in Parque das Nações, now it's time for Honest Greens Amoreiras, more specifically in Amoreiras Plaza.
With the same organic concept "Eat Real", this new space also had the intervention of Garrett for the elaboration and implementation of the Audiovisual project.
In the sound system, C6TRM speakers from the Danish brand Cornered Audio were used, with the appropriate sound for a restaurant of this size, but also with a discreet and elegant format for spaces like this that are intended to be organic.
The sound system is complemented by RCF ART 702 subwoofers, Beyerdynamic Classis gain-adjustment microphones and digital audio processing.
The entire system is controlled with a digital touch panel, where it is possible to adjust various parameters such as the volume by zones, or select some scenarios previously programmed by the customer.
Other brands and products entered this project, such as QuikLock and Klotz Audio cables as well as Amphenol plugs.
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More information at: https://www.cornered.dk/ |  https://www.rcf.it/ | https://www.quiklok.com/ | https://www.amphenol-industrial.de/


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