Rooms, Living Rooms, Common Areas and Other Spaces in Hotels and other types of accommodation.
Our experience in Sound, Light, Multimedia and Integration Projects for the Accommodation sector is vast. From the small Hostel to the 5-star Hotel, we present solutions for any type of purpose and application, with integrable and scalable solutions.


Our offer of sound solutions is quite comprehensive. From wall or ceiling built-in speakers, indoor or outdoor speakers (humidity or rain resistant), wireless speakers or with integrated network management. Everything with proper amplification and sound processing. There is always a solution for any purpose in an Accommodation business, from rooms to common areas.

  • bedrooms: With built-in speakers or not, with connection to a Bluetooth/Wifi module so that the customer connects his smartphone and listens to his music, through his local files or through streaming services. Soundproofing in bathrooms with damp proof columns. Integration of the sound system with the imaging system. Multi-zone control system.
  • Common areas (Lobby, Corridors, etc.): Surround sound, Public-Address and Evac. The entire sound system can be integrated into a central, where the signal can come from different sources. From media players to microphone consoles through which the accommodation staff can provide important information to customers.
  • Conference / Meeting Rooms: For Hotels that include this offer, the audio equipment to be installed will have to ensure the intelligibility of the users' voice. We always ensure a sober installation with ceiling, wall, recessed or support columns. The space conditions will always condition the column model, such as the existence or not of false ceilings/walls. The sound system, if the customer so wishes, can be done in more than one area by the same system.
  • roof tops: Portable or weather-resistant sound systems
  • Swimming pools, SPA's or Gyms: Sound systems resistant to humidity or external weather factors.
  • Restaurant / Bar: See at:
quartos de hoteis e alojamento local -  som ambiente sonorização
som ambiente e reforço sonoro para rooftops de hoteis


Lighting control may ultimately be artificial and natural light management. Garrett guarantees in this case an integrated control to manage the intensity of artificial light and the management of natural light with the control of mechanized blinds. Various scenarios or lighting intensity can be defined, both in the rooms and in common areas, and these scenarios can be selected through touchscreen panels, smartphones/tablets, tabletop modules, or dedicated wireless modules. There will be different levels of access, both for customers of the space and for employees
Additionally, it is possible to implement energy saving programs, with detection of empty spaces, use of natural light, etc.

iluminação e sombreamento para hoteis e outro alojamento


Video/Image Solutions with LCD Monitors or Video-projection on Screens, with the possibility of automatic collection.
Integration with Video-Signage systems can be done, presenting content about the space such as: restaurant menu, hotel recreational activities, future events. In the case of LCD monitors, these can also be installed and parameterized in video walls, with appropriate models for this purpose.

For outdoor spaces we also have solutions resistant to any weather conditions.
For large spaces, we can also provide long throw video projection solutions that allow the display of high-quality video on large screens.

VÍDEO, IMAGEM E DIGITAL SIGNAGE para hotéis e outro alojamento
soluções de video e imagem para hotéis e outro alojamento


For Facades, interiors or exteriors, we have a countless number of Lighting and Lighting Management solutions. For applications that are more or less permanent, more or less static, or even entering the field of "video mapping", we always have a solution.


Through our solutions, it is possible to integrate the Management of Sound, Video, Lighting or even Air Conditioning Systems. This means that through a single interface (touchscreen panel or smartphone), we can control the sound volume, video source or light intensity.
Whether for a small accommodation or a large hotel and through universal protocols, it is possible to program and customize virtually any "machine!" for a richer, more functional use, oriented both to the customer and to the employees.

integração e controlo de  Sistemas. Som, Video, Iluminação, Climatização. Hoteis e outro alojamento


The "new times" imply more health care in public places, and for this new reality we have disinfection systems for air and surfaces using Ultraviolet-C, which eliminate Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses, including Coronavirus. Non-intrusively, our systems can work in hotel or hostel lobbies, or even in rooms, 24 hours a day, purifying the air and greatly lowering the risk of contagion and spread of diseases.
Learn more at

projeto e instalação de sistemas de desinfeção por ultravioleta uvc. Eliminação de virus e bactérias. Hoteis e outros alojamentos

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