Jands designed the first dimmers nearly 50 years ago, and they never stopped developing lighting control solutions. The lighting control desks later came under the Vista sub-brand, becoming a benchmark for the wysiwyg concept. In 2018, the Vista division is taken over by the lighting company Chroma-Q, gaining new technological and functional valences.

Origin: 1970, Australia / www.vistabychromaq.com


New Vista 3 platform by Chroma-Q

Unleash your creativity with the new Vista 3 by Chroma-Q lighting/media control platform

our represented Chroma-Q recently acquired the division "Jands Vista Lighting" from the Australian company JANDS, now having the trade name Vista by Chroma-Q.
Following Jands' vision, which managed to implement a winning platform on the market, we now follow up on a work of several years with the presentation of the Vista 3 version of the control software, and two new consoles: Vista EX and Vista MV

Learn more at: www.vistabychromaq.com/

Equipment and Solutions

Some Works/Supplies Jands / Vista by Chroma-Q

LNEG Auditorium, Polo Alfragide

2023 - LNEG Auditorium, Polo Alfragide In partnership with the company Palco 22, Garrett Audiovisuais participated in the project to refurbish the auditorium of the Polo […]

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WPP Portugal – Studio, Lisbon

2023 - WPP Portugal - Studio, Lisbon The WPP Portugal Group, with offices on Avenida 24 de Julho in Lisbon, equipped its space with […]

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Drama Lounge Bar, Parede (Cascais) – Sound and Lighting System

2022 - Drama Lounge Bar, Parede (Cascais) - Sound and Lighting System "Drama Lounge Bar" is a new space in Parede (Cascais) that combines […]

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Supply 2022 – FX Road Lights

2022 - Supply to the company FX Road Lights A Supply of Jands Vista L5 lighting control table and mappable led modules GLP KNV […]

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Supply 2022 – Stage 22

2022 - Supply of various video/lighting equipment for a company Palco 22 - Video Panel LED F2 (2.9 mm pixel pitch) by Chauvet Professional +info: https://www.chauvetvideo.com/ […]

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Virtual TV Studio for Mafra City Council

2021 - Virtual TV Studio for the Municipality of Mafra In partnership with the company Parauniverso, we supply and install structural systems\suspension, lighting and […]

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Stage 22 - Supply of Lighting and Structures

2021 - Palco 22 - Supply of Lighting and Structures Supply of professional lighting equipment Chauvet DJ, Luxibel, Vista by Chroma-Q. Supply of structures […]

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Supply Professional Lighting – Cinema-Theatro Joaquim d'Almeida

2020 Supply of professional lighting equipment for the Cine-Theater with Chauvet Professional Rogue R3 Spot and Chauvet DJ Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC […]

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Supply of Lighting System for Virtual Studio - WTVISION

2019 – Supply of a lighting system for a virtual studio, consisting of a Jands Stage CL control table, Chroma-Q Studioforce Phosphor V projectors, structures (truss) […]

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