JNcQUOI – Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon

2017 - Lisbon is definitely in fashion, and it is on Avenida da Liberdade that some of the most exclusive commercial spaces are located, to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers.
It is at numbers 182 and 184 of this avenue, and inserted in the iconic Tivoli building, that you can find the JNcQUOI, a space that brings together in the same conceptual environment: a restaurant, a bar, sale of exclusive articles and the new address of Fashion Clinic.
Garrett Audiovisuais had the privilege of participating in this work by developing the sound and sound and lighting control/integration project. our represented Genelec is the highlighted brand in this project of excellence.
The austere skeleton of velociraptor in the middle of the room creates a subtle parallel with the minimalism of the 8 columns Genelec 8351, a model that has already convinced the entire professional audio community. To give sound to the rest of the restaurant's space, the models were used. 4020 Finnish brand.


A 42-seat bar counter is also equipped with several models of active columns. Genelec, as well as other surrounding spaces: a wine cellar with wine tasting, a gourmet grocery store and a dj table with a dance floor. The models Genelec 4040 and 4030 of the installation series were the most used in these spaces. The DJ/Dance zone offers a fuller sound with the loudspeakers 8030 and subwoofer 5041, with sound input via Pioneer CDJ players and DJM console.


Fashion Clinic Men Store
There are several square meters of store with exclusive articles and services for men, where several columns of the installation series were installed. Genelec 4020, complemented with subwoofers Genelec 7040.


Fashion Clinic Women Store - see the following link: garrett.pt/fashion-clinic-woman-lx


Sound and Lighting Control System
The entire Sound and Lighting system can be managed through 3 mobile devices with software CUE Systems, and 4 more fixed touch panels, also CUE Systems, which exist at different points in the JNcQUOI. The development of these control systems is tailor-made for each project and according to the customer's needs and the number of equipment to be controlled. These interfaces communicate with CUE control centers, then bridge with the equipment in protocol KNX.


O Sound system is powered by audio sources RCF and has signal processing audio with Dante networking.


JNcQUOI website: www.jncquoi.com
Learn more at www.genelec.com | www.cuesystem.com | http://www.rcf.it/ 

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