Our experience in installing audiovisual systems in stores, clinics or salons is extensive. Not being in the same area of activity, the Museums and Gyms also generally share the typology of the Audiovisual system of the previous spaces.
Entrust your small or large project to the professionals of our company.


Design and Installation of sound systems with Ceiling or Wall Columns, support or built-in for commercial or recreational spaces of any size.
For outdoor spaces, we also have a solid offer of equipment with protection standards up to IP65.
The sound system may have integrated bases with call microphone and/or EVAC (evacuation) systems.
Integration with the Video/Multimedia is simple to implement and the control of volume, sound source or zones can be easily controlled through tactile panels or physical buttons.
We proceed to System Analysis and Calibration taking into account the acoustics of the space, always focusing on a good customer experience and usability for the employee.

speakers - amplifiers - subwoofers - processors - call bases - microphones - evac - control

Som ambiente e chamada para lojas clinicas e museus


Video/Image Solutions with LCD monitors or video projection on Screens, with the possibility of automatic collection. In the case of LCD monitors, these can also be installed and parameterized in video wall, with appropriate models for this purpose.
Integration with systems of Digital Signage, presenting content about the space or brand as Promotions, Brand Awareness, Upcoming Events, both within the Store, as in the window to capture the attention of passersby (concept Digital Storefront).
For Museums this technology can be used to provide more information and contextualize the exhibitions.
For outdoor spaces, we also have solutions that are resistant to damp environments or any other weather conditions.

lcd monitor - video-wall - led monitor - touchscreen monitor - video projector - projection screen - digital showcase - digital signage - content management

VIDEO,  IMAGEM E DIGITAL SIGNAGE para lojas clinicas e museus


For a space/brand to create bonds with customers/users without human intervention, there is nothing like making technology available to everyone, with information systems and interactive entertainment through touch panels, virtual reality and other multimedia equipment. You can even cross other external platforms such as social networks and web content familiar to the user.
Interactive solutions with touchscreen monitors, digital tables and even virtual reality transport the customer from a store or museum user, to an experience that brings him closer to the business objective.

touchscreen monitors - virtual reality - digital tables - holograms 

Soluções interativas para lojas clinicas e museus


The lighting control could be, as a last resort, a management of artificial (electric) and natural light. Garrett guarantees in this case an integrated control to manage the intensity and areas of artificial light and the management of natural light with the control of mechanized curtains. Several can be defined lighting scenarios, and these scenarios can be selected through touch panels, smartphones/tablets, desktop modules, or dedicated wireless modules.
Additionally, it is possible to implement energy saving programs, with detection of empty rooms, use of natural light, etc.
For spaces that want to create more visual impact, we can define and implement models of architectural lighting, with lighting of interior and exterior facades

leds - dimmers - ambient light - spotlights - architectural lighting  

Iluminação e sombreamento para lojas clinicas e museus


Through our solutions, it is possible to integrate the management of Sound, Video, Lighting systems or same Air conditioning. This means that through a single interface (touchscreen panel or smartphone), we can control the sound volume, video content, light intensity or the Air conditioning.
Through universal protocols it is possible to program and customize spaces such as Stores or Museums for a richer and more functional use, both for customers/users and for employees.

systems integration - centralized control - wall controllers - apps for control - interconnect modules  

controlo e integração de sistemas para lojas clinicas e museus


The "new normal" implies more care in the workplace and for this new reality we have air and surface disinfection per Ultraviolet-C LIGHT, which eliminate Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses, including the coronavirus. Non-intrusively, our systems can work 24 on 24 hours a day in a Shop, in a Museum, or in a Clinic where care will have to be redoubled.
with disinfection by Direct light or indirect, it is possible to purify the air and disinfect the surfaces, significantly lowering the risk of contagion.
Learn more at

elimination of viruses, fungi and bacteria - disinfection with indirect UVC light - disinfection with direct UVC light

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