Founded in 1995, MIPRO is a specialist and the largest manufacturer of wireless audio equipment in Taiwan, including technology incorporated in other brands all over the world. With a competent team of engineers dedicated to R&D, all products are manufactured according to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of its systems.

Origin: 1995, Taiwan /

Equipment and Solutions

Some Mipro Works/Supplies

Bom Sucesso Cultural Center – Alverca do Ribatejo

2023 - Bom Sucesso Cultural Center - Alverca do Ribatejo The Auditorium of the Bom Sucesso Cultural Center, in Alverca do Ribatejo, now has […]

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Comandante Bula Cultural Center – Province of Zaire, Angola

2023 - Centro Cultural Comandante Bula - Province of Zaire, Angola The auditorium of the "Centro Cultural Comandante Bula" is now equipped with a new […]

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LNEG Auditorium, Polo Alfragide

2023 - LNEG Auditorium, Polo Alfragide In partnership with the company Palco 22, Garrett Audiovisuais participated in the project to refurbish the auditorium of the Polo […]

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