Smart Housing, Lisbon

Located in the Lisbon area (Belém), this luxury villa with about 1200m2 concentrates several innovative aspects in terms of architecture, decoration or energy efficiency. A project in which Garrett Audiovisuais participated in several aspects.


• Systems integration
Garrett Audiovisuais programmed and installed a complete integration system using models from CUE System, allowing the control of audiovisual systems, air conditioning, lighting and shading. It was thus possible to control practically all the electronic equipment of this exclusive house, through the 18 tactile panels spread across the different divisions.


Among other audio solutions, Garrett designed and installed a complete multi-room sound system, with central and streaming sources. Russound, complemented with other players from different sources, ready to channel the sound to Hi-fi speakers or to the ambient sound system through Russound ceiling and garden speakers.


Supply and installation of TV's and Video Projectors with automatic collection, more screens Euroscreen.


Other Supplies and Installations
This house is also equipped with a small dance floor, with light robots and Chauvet projectors, sound with RCF vertical speakers and an RCF Livepad mixing console. Several sound and image models from Pioneer, Denon and Sony were also used,


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