Vista 3 R4, the new update to the Vista by Chroma-Q lighting control platform

The new version includes several improvements, as always taking into account user feedback.
Of particular note is compatibility with the NDI protocol and Ableton Link
Support for Newtek NDI™ video protocol - Video content from any NDI™ source on the network can now be streamed directly to Vista's pixel mapping, taking advantage of the platform's efficient pixel management and its 11+ color controls without the need for external converters.
NDI™ sources can also be viewed directly in View in dedicated windows for this purpose. These sources may come from a media server, stream or video camera.
Ableton™ Link Support – Ableton™ Link is a technology that keeps devices synchronized on a local network. O Link can be found on over 200 platforms in a huge variety of products, including DJ decks, band tracks, media servers... and, of course, Ableton™ Live. Vista is now capable of synchronizing chases or FX masters with the Link, ensuring that the stage's scenic dynamics are synchronized with the performance, without requiring additional intervention from the lighting board operator, even if the performance increases or decreases. of rhythm.
More information and download the new software at
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