One of the most prominent companies dedicated to the transport and management of fiber optic multimedia signal. Often present in the major opening and closing ceremonies of world events, or in permanent installations in stadiums and large auditoriums, Optocore's technology excels in the speed of signal transmission, synchronous network system and with built-in redundancy, making use of optical fiber as signal conductor.

Origin: 1993, Germany. / www.optocore.com

Technical Case Study - COLDPLAY "Head Full of Dreams" Tour

2018 - The use of Optocore solutions has been increasing in the tours of the British band COLDPLAY. In the following video you can find out a little about how the sound system is designed for a band that fills stadiums all over the world.

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Equipment and Solutions

Some Optocore Works/Supplies


Supply of Optocore systems – AUDITIV

One and a half million people gathered at the beginning of August 2023 at Parque Tejo to watch the most important celebrations of the 37th […]

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DiGiCo SD10 + SD Rack 32bit console supply – Pixel Light

2019 – The audiovisual production company Pixel Light, recently acquired the SD10 model from our represented DiGiCo, accompanied by an SD Rack with […]

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Supply of Optocore/BroaMan system to MediaBurst company

2016 – Optocore is one of the pioneering companies in the optical fiber audio and data transmission industry. Its close partnership with […]

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Report on the installation of Optocore Fiber Optic Systems at the Coliseu do Porto

See more: http://garrett.pt/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/07jun_optocore_coliseuporto.pdf

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