Porto Open Day – Professional Lighting

On the 5th of December, between 10 am and 6 pm, we invite all lighting professionals to participate in the Professional LIGHTING OPEN DAY to be held in the city of Porto, more specifically at Palácio do Bolhão.
An event led by the Dep. of Professional Lighting by Garrett Audiovisuais, where various equipment from the brands will be demonstrated:
German Light Products, High End Systems/HOG, CHAUVET Professional and JANDS Vista.


Time and Location:
Tuesday, 5 December: 10.00 - 18.00 
Bolhão Palace - ACE School of Arts 

For more information Contact:
Diana Pepper: 961 280 088 
João Ferreira: 938 026 885

Bolhão Palace – Rua Formosa, 342/346, 4000-249 Porto

Lighting Brands Represented by Garrett Audiovisuais - Learn more at https://garrett.pt/iluminacao/

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