Lighting Control Consoles – VISTA

A line of lighting control tables, precursor of the WYSIWYG concept.


– Vista L5: designed and developed with the contribution of those responsible for the best lighting shows worldwide. A new 21” HD screen with Wacom tablet allows the user to quickly and intuitively manage motorized projectors, media servers and LED systems. Through this screen, you can see the entire rig at once and have instant access to presets, palettes, effects and more. The sharpness of the screen allows you to add a lot of information, realized in a clear graphic.

In addition to a large screen, the L5 has all the tools to create and manage any lighting/multimedia show, such as, for example, the 16 DMX universes processed internally, a backlit keyboard to work in dark environments and the 25 physical playbacks subtitled by LCD's. and that can be unfolded giving 70 playbacks per page.

The new Vista L5 is ready for the most demanding performance imaginable. The breath is guaranteed by an Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of DRAM, running on a super stable Linux Operating System. All this compartmentalized in an extremely light, resistant and stylish unibody chassis.

Combining 2nd generation software with an extremely well-crafted design, the new Vista L5 thus proves that lighting/multimedia control at the highest level doesn't necessarily have to be a complicated thing!.

– Vista I3 Console: The Nova Jands VISTA i3 responds to the request of many lighting technicians, presenting a compact table but with a Processor, Linux OS and Control Software incorporated.