Interactive and Special Screens

Tactile – TR3B Series – 10-point multi-touch
As there is no need for a separate pen, you can use it easily with the touch of your hands. It provides a more realistic tactile sensation as it can recognize up to 10 touches simultaneously at once.
– Ghost-free Multi-Touch technology
By touching the screen, you can express your writing or drawing without double images for clear and seamless navigation.
– Ultra HD resolution
The large Ultra HD screen offers an immersive viewing experience.
– Up-Scaling and Super Resolution
Up-scaling and super resolution technology optimize the quality of FHD content to near UHD quality.
– LG C-Display – Customer App
Download and view the latest product information along with part number, video wall configurator, manual and contact information.

Other Special Solutions
– High Brightness
– tactile
– Ultra Stretched
- Transparent
– Mirror signage