Compact Tables for LEDs

It's very simple to explain: if you use LEDs, this is the console for you. If you have a small space in need of scenic lighting, you have probably already purchased or are going to purchase LED lighting equipment, right? It's because? Because current LEDs consume much less energy, and in addition, they can reproduce any type of color without the need for a filter, creating fantastic combinations.

All this seems fine until it's time to buy the control console. Current consoles are either not designed to control color and intensity, or are too complex (and expensive) for what is intended.

That's why JADS created Stage CL. A console dedicated to LEDs that controls up to 512 DMX channels, with a complete level of programming through a 4.3″ touch panel. And you don't have to be a Light Designer. Stage CL has an intuitive and sophisticated operating mode that will not let anyone indifferent.

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  • Jands Stage CL – made for LEDs