NP Series – Amplifiers


The NP series is a series of amplifiers that uses the multi-loop control technology developed by the brand, with excellent technical indicators, mainly for power amplification technology in the case of low impedance and high current, so that the amplifier has more 95% efficiency and excellent stability; the switching power supply adopts active PFC. With the soft switching technology and optimized design of the audio power amplifier, it can adapt to the harsh environment of the power grid and provide the amplifier with continuous peak current.

NP series amplifiers have the characteristics of high reliability, power, superior tone and strong adaptability.

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4*300W@8 Ohms 2ch 70/100V
2*1000W@8 Ohms


  • High efficiency, energy saving, low operating cost; compact, light and stable structure; in accordance with safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility standards
  • 90Vac ~ 260Vac Wide voltage range
  •  temperature control fan, silent operation
  • Modular design, convenient maintenance
  • 2.4 channel design, especially suitable for mobile performance
  • Rigorous, environmental adaptability and user experience testing
  • Stereo, parallel, bridge three working modes; selectable gain
  • Output limiting voltage limit switch; XLR balanced input
  • Temperature power control, overheat indication, overheat protection; overload power control, provides uninterrupted sound output; Power amplifier output DC protection
  • Protection against power undervoltage; clipping, fault indication