LED projectors

Revolutionizing the rental market, Chroma-Q continues to set new standards in creative LED lighting and video with its range of solutions that combine innovation and versatility. The latest generation of fixtures use state-of-the-art Chroma-Q technology to ensure exceptional light output, dimming and RGBA mixing – making these models ideal for a wide range of performance and architectural lighting applications including touring, theater, TV and corporate projects. Designed for temporary events or permanent installations, options include a choice of various dimensions and compact models, wireless DMX, battery powered models and many other customizable solutions.

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  • Color One 100
  • Color Force II 48 / 72
  • Color Force II 12
  • Color Force Compact
  • Color Block 2 Plus Nano
  • Color Block 2 Plus
  • Color Block Plus
  • Color Charge Plus
  • Color Charge
  • color span 2