Transparent LED Video

The Phantom series is based on an original system designed specifically for touring, with strong aluminum frames, quick-fit QuickLock fixings and extremely easy on/off power and video sockets/connections. LEDs have been chosen for their brightness, and they manage to be even during the day. The type of structure allows the passage of wind, sound and light. The frames are 1m x 1m, and can be linked to achieve any size and shape.

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  • The most transparent LED video system on the market
  • Does not interfere with audio, light or wind
  • High brightness LED for indoor or outdoor use
  • Extremely lightweight, easy to install and transport
  • Quick assembly with patented QuickLock structures
  • Video playback on one or multiple screens.
  • Compatible with DVI-D from any professional media server.
  • 60, 30, 15 and 7 mm/pitch