Lighting Roadshow 2019

In the days 4 and 5 in June will take place at 9th edition of the Lighting Roadshow Garrett Audiovisuals. Another year always with news and many exchanges of impressions between professionals and scholars in the area.

This time, the venue for the event will be the emblematic Teatro Tivoli BBVA, with the precious support of the Theater itself, the production company UAU and the lighting specialist FX Roadlights.

In this edition, several models of the brands will be highlighted. GLP, chauvet, High End Systems, fusion, Vista by Chroma-Q, Chroma-Q, Sundrax, Arcaos and Follow me,


June 4th and 5th from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Tivoli Theater on Av. da Liberdade in Lisbon Google Maps








A Garrett Audiovisual Organization

(and some equipment) 

Quality and robustness are two characteristics that succinctly summarize the line of GLP equipment. Specialized in light controllers and robots, this German manufacturer has invested over all these years in the research and development of new solutions for the professional lighting market, which has given it significant but sustained growth.
Origin: 1994, Germany. /

Highlander LPG

With a very strong focus on the development of new solutions and products, Chauvet has become a world reference thanks to its economical and innovative equipment. The market has been grateful for this revolution in the area of lighting, as it allows for greater democratization of access by new companies to the technology for creating lighting effects.

Chauvet Professional and Chauvet DJ are Chauvet brands, with equipment designed for the entire lighting market.
Origin: 1990, USA /

Chauvet Professional Storm 1 Wash

Entering the fourth decade of its history, HighEnd is one of the most recognized companies in the field of lighting, developing innovative technology that it systematically implements in its new products. From control tables to light robots, the American manufacturer presents a wide range of products of unavoidable quality.

Origin: 1988, USA /

High End Systems Solaspot 3000

Company based in Germany and founded by experienced professionals in the event industry, with the aim of developing high quality and differentiating lighting equipment. Fusion (previously known as Ehrgeiz) currently presents a selected range of wash/flood's, light robots and spotlights, with proven evidence on the market.
Origin: 2008, Germany /

Fusion - Supernova RGBW

Jands designed the first dimmers nearly 50 years ago, and they never stopped developing lighting control solutions. The lighting control desks later came under the Vista sub-brand, becoming a benchmark for the wysiwyg concept. In 2018, the Vista division is taken over by the lighting company Chroma-Q, gaining new technological and functional valences.

Origin: 1970, Australia /

View by Chroma-Q - View 3

Specialists in LED technology, Chroma-Q has developed an innovative and highly reliable line of stage lighting equipment for theaters, concert stages and TV studios. The quality of light/color of the new line of equipment makes it possible to replace conventional lighting, providing enormous energy savings and greater longevity of the equipment, combined with better chromatic control by the lighting tables.

Origin: 2004, England /

Chroma-Q - Color Force II™

Specialists in the management and control of lighting systems, Sundrax presents in its portfolio the most varied hardware and software solutions to manage the lighting of indoor installations such as theaters, studios or auditoriums, but also outdoors such as street lighting and stadiums.

Origin: 2001, England-Russia /

Sundrax - DMX devices

Arkaos has built its reputation with the development of innovative technology in the areas of video mapping, multimedia management and dedicated servers for control. It's a new approach to lighting effects and lighting control, which has given new solutions to light designers and lighting technicians all over the world.

Origin: 1992, Belgium /

Arkaos - Studio Server

Follow-me is an innovative company that has brought to the market a practical and effective tool in terms of tracking the lighting of people and objects on stage. Founded by experienced professionals in the audiovisual market, Follow-me has already seen its technology implemented in hundreds of stages all over the world.

Origin: 2013 Netherlands /

Tracking Solutions

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