L'Oreal – Headquarters Building, Lisbon

2017 – Garrett Audiovisuais, in partnership with the company Luzeiro, participated in the extensive renovation project of the L'Oreal Portugal facilities, of which […]

Saint John of God Institute

2017 – For the Auditorium of Clinica S. João de Ávila of Instituto S. João de Deus, a sound system was supplied and installed […]

Wilma Simões European Institute

2016 – One of the objectives of the Wilma Simões European Institute – WSEI is to transmit the knowledge acquired by Dr Wilma Simões during her more than 50 years of practice in the field of Functional Jaw Orthopedics.

Delphi, Seixal

2015 – The multinational Delphi remodeled its Executive meeting room, belonging to the facilities in Seixal. Garrett participated in this project with the development and installation of an audiovisual system


Évora University

2014 – Garrett, in partnership with Areal Editores, developed and installed an audio project in order to improve the intelligibility of the interventions in the Sala dos Atos and in the Senate hall belonging to Colégio do Espírito Santo, in the auditorium of Polo da Mitra and in the Higher School of Nursing.