The touchONE system is a complete multilingual solution for managing and booking spaces in workplaces such as:

Boardrooms; Conference Rooms; Coworking spaces; Auditoriums;  Classrooms; universities;  Hotels;  Sports centers, etc.

A complete software and hardware system that allows the management of the use of a small meeting room, up to the management of an office building with dozens of employees.

The interconnection is web-based and compatible with various scheduling tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google Suite



Everything the TouchONE system can do for your business

mobile application
Simple booking via mobile device

• Personalized reservation of a workstation or room
• Identification of workstation or room by QR code
• QR code displayed on booking panel or desktop interface
• Available for Apple iOS or Google Android

At the entrance to the room
Interactive booking panels

• Plug & play solution with intuitive interface
• Multiple interface menus
• Compact and modern design, in an aluminum body
• 7”, 10” and 12” panels, built-in or wall-mounted

At the reception or in the lobby
View all scheduled events

• Plug & play solution
• Summary of events in all spaces
• Various menus including the timeline
• Compatible with any display with an HDMI port

booking software
Robust room booking solution

• Advanced booking on server calendars
• Search and room reservation through different criteria
• Additional fields for booking details
• Intuitive web interface

Room occupancy monitoring
Occupancy sensor integration

• Indication on the reservation panel of the presence of people
• Automated meeting confirmation
• Possibility of canceling meetings due to absence of participants
• Multiple sensors supported, including participant counting

multilingual interface
Multiple languages available

• Default language set during installation
• User language customization
• Automatic return to default language
• Additional languages on request

Booking at work
Solution for efficient use of the workplace

• Allows you to implement a flexible work environment
• Reservation by Calendar System and Mobile Device
• Intuitive indication of the status of the workplace
• Reservation statistics for more efficient usage

Interactive Kiosk
Immediate access to room and workstation reservation

• Floor plans for better orientation
• Room or workstation status indication
• Search for rooms or workstations by multiple criteria
• Simple and intuitive support

Orders and incident reporting
A simple way to communicate with services

• Catering orders sent directly from the booking panel
• Requests for cleaning services
• AV/IT support requests
• Equipment Orders

Analysis and statistics
Understand your space needs

• Booking statistics and analytics for greater efficiency
• No software installation required
• Presentation of data in the application
• Data export through Power BI, Excel, etc.

Room control integration
Simple integration with the Cue System

• Meeting information displayed in control panel
• Extension and end of the meeting through the control panel
• Automatic activation or deactivation of devices depending on the state of the room

centralized administration
Administration system through web interface

• General setup, room setup, unit setup, etc.
• Plug & play solutions
• No software installation required
• Intuitive user interface

Complement the Reservation System
with Room Control

Control Room Lighting, Sound, Blinds, Home Screen Content, and more with the webCUE app


"The Big Picture"

The reliability and scalability of the entire system allows the use of one or hundreds of touch panels that can be interconnected with the event calendar server.

No specialist knowledge is required to install this system as it is based on the plug & play principle.

touchONE is a fully proprietary hardware and software solution designed to work 24/7 and meet the latest security needs.

Discover the specifications of the TouchOne models here 


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