2020 - World of Wine, Gaia/Porto

From the top of Gaia, on the edge of the Douro and with a privileged view over the Invicta, a project was born that praises the knowledge of Wine, Cork and many other aspects of the culture of the region of Porto, Douro and a little of the whole North .
It is a major cultural and tourist project in which Garrett Audiovisuais participated by providing an extensive list of audiovisual equipment for one of the restaurants and for the museums "The Wine Experience", "Planet Cork", "The Chocolate Story" and other spaces with temporary themed exhibitions.
In partnership with the company Gema Digital, several active speaker units from the Finnish 4000 series were supplied and installed. Genelec, a series specially designed for installation in commercial or corporate spaces where great sound quality and intelligibility are required. The 4000 models can be adjusted very easily to the acoustics of the space, bypassing difficulties usually present in older places or with materials that create too much reverberation.
Genelec's line of built-in speakers/subwoofers was also used for spaces that required it, models that despite having a different shape and installation, guarantee the sound quality of the Finnish brand.
For one of the space's restaurants and in partnership with DTE - Special Installations, several units of Chauvet EVE TF-20 projectors were supplied and installed, a projector with soft and enveloping light also suitable for installations.
Visit or learn more about World of Wine at: https://wow.pt/



Genelec 4010 Installation Speaker

Genelec 4020 Installation Speaker

Genelec 4030 Installation Speaker

Genelec 4040 Installation Speaker

Genelec AIC25 Active In-Celing Speaker

Genelec 5041A Active in-Wall Sub

Genelec 7350 SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

Genelec 7380 SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

Genelec GLM Software

Chauvet DJ EVE TF-20

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