For several years we have been investing in a sustained way in Project and Integration Solutions for Audiovisual Systems, currently ensuring the delivery of turnkey projects in close collaboration with the End Customer, Installers and Design Offices.



We can cover up to 6 stages for a solid and complete Audiovisual Project:


Our Project team is always ready to advise the customer or installer regarding audiovisual systems. Both in a previous phase in the assessment of needs and presentation of a concept / strategy, as well as in a more advanced moment to adjust the project in the event of unforeseen events due to external factors. An informed customer, with the certainty of the decision taken, also makes our work easier.


We define and present a detailed project in the specialty for any type of work, taking into account the work of the other areas involved (Electricity, Ambient lighting, CCTV, etc). To be sure of what we can deliver from a project perspective, several variables are taken into account such as: availability of equipment, deadlines or availability of resources.


For over 40 years we have represented several brands in the Audiovisual area in Portugal, with direct supply to the market, whether for end customers, installers or even resellers. At the moment we represent about 30 brands on an exclusive basis for the national market and several others with authorized/shared distribution. Technical assistance is guaranteed by us, with the support of the brands involved.


We have been installing audiovisual systems for several decades, always following the market and the technological evolution that has been marked in this area in recent years. In both national and foreign projects, we managed to translate the projects we propose from paper to reality with due planning.


The technological evolution of recent years has brought many more features to an AV project. Now practically all systems (Sound, Light or Image) can “talk” to each other, interact and be controlled from a single point. Other systems such as Climatization or Blinds/Shading can also enter the equation and we have a smart office, house or building based on universal protocols (RS232/485, DMX, DALI, KNX, etc).


For us, a project doesn't have to end with the delivery of the installed system. Technical assistance or maintenance can be agreed with a time frame defined by the parties.
We guarantee a professional after-sales service, from system calibration, error analysis and correction or replacement of damaged parts or consumables. When possible, some of this work can even be done remotely via the web, when alerted by the user or by the analysis routines of the systems themselves.



We have the Know-How and the Dimension to deliver dozens of Audiovisual Solutions:

Sistemas de Conferência
Conference Systems
Microphone systems interconnected and managed by a central in order to make the intervention of speakers in meetings, lectures or conferences audible.

Sistemas de Microfone com ou sem fios
Wired or wireless microphone systems
Handheld, lavalier or desk microphones (wired or wireless) managed by centrals interconnected with existing public address equipment.

Video conference
Wireless Videoconferencing Systems compatible with different platforms (MS Teams, Google, Zoom, etc). VIEW MORE

Áudio-guia e Tourguide
Audioguide and Tourguide
Audio systems to help interpret content in museums, installations or guided tours. Integration with microphone or simultaneous translation systems.

Sistemas de Tradução Simultânea
Simultaneous Translation Systems
System that speeds up the work of translating speakers and listening to the audience in different languages. Integration with conference systems.

Sonorização de Alto Débito
High Debt Sound
Large systems for sound coverage of large areas (arenas, pavilions, stadiums, churches, fairs, theaters and similar spaces).
Reserva de Espaços de Trabalho
Booking of Workspaces

Flexible systems for booking workspaces, from the large meeting room to the simple workstation (desk). VIEW MORE

Som Ambiente/Public Address
Surround Sound/Public Address
Sound of spaces through built-in or fixing columns. Interconnection with sound sources for ambient sound and/or call bases.

Processamento de Sinal por Fibra Óptica
Optical Fiber Signal Processing
Advanced systems for the distribution and management of sound, video or data through a fiber optic network.

Projeção de Vídeo
Video Projection
Varied solutions for video image projection on screens or other suitable surfaces. Integration with other Home Automation / Automation / Control systems.

Amplificação e Processamento Áudio
Amplification and Audio Processing
Amplification and Processing / Sound signal management for managing complex sound systems.


Hi-fi e Home-Cinema
Hi-fi and Home Cinema
Home Theater solutions according to the surrounding space. Full integration of audio, video, lighting and interior design (specific for Home Cinema installations).

Controlo de Multimédia
Multimedia Control

Centralized control of various multimedia equipment through individual commands (wired or wireless).


Integração de Sistemas e Automação
Systems Integration and Automation
Automation and control solutions for sound, light, video or other electronic protocols (RS232/485, DMX, DALI, KNX, IR, LAN, JPI, Wi-Fi).


Video Signage
Video Signage
Presentation of audiovisual content on a network, usually with centralized content management. Application in public, corporate or retail spaces.


Controlo de Iluminação
Lighting Control
Integrated control of lighting systems in residential or commercial spaces (shops, offices, auditoriums, theaters, among others).

montra digital
Retail Digital Signage
Installation and parameterization of simple or video wall monitors, conventional or tactile, in store windows or other commercial spaces, with contents defined by the owners. VIEW MORE


Iluminação Cénica
stage lighting
Professional lighting for theater stages, amphitheaters, live concerts or television studios.

Vídeo em Grande Formato
Large Format Video

Video content broadcast through large formats (Led Wall / Video Wall).


Tratamento ou Isolamento Acústico
Acoustic Treatment or Insulation
Design of construction details for application on site with a view to improving the conditions and acoustic quality of interior or exterior spaces. Editing of descriptive memories and justifications, accompanied with a spreadsheet through the acoustic model created.

Sistemas EVAC
EVAC System
Voice alert and instruction system in emergencies. Status monitoring and system failure reports (airports, hospitals, transport stations, shopping malls or hotels).


Medição de Indicadores Acústicos
Measurement of Acoustic Indicators

Survey of indices for characterization and assessment of the necessary requirements, in indoor or outdoor spaces, measurement of reverberation times, intelligibility indices and qualitative indices of acoustic response (electroacoustic installations).


Iluminação Arquitetural
Architectural Lighting
Exterior or interior lighting of buildings/facilities. Static or dynamic lighting creation or even video mapping.


Sistemas UV-C Eliminação de Vírus e Bactérias
UV-C Systems Elimination of Viruses and Bacteria
Virus and Bacteria elimination systems in public spaces by direct or indirect UV-C light, with the advantage of being able to operate 24/24h in spaces occupied by Customers/Employees. VIEW MORE




These solutions can be applied to different types of projects. be for one Restaurant or Hotel, for one Desk or Classroom, the work of our Team always adds value to any Business.