Supply 2022 – TVI Televisão

2022 – Supply and Installation of Sundrax systems for TVI Sundrax ArtJet Pro – Bidirectional DMX – ArtNet/sACN converter, splitter, booster, intelligent merger with […]

Supply 2022 – SIC Television

2022 – Supply of professional lighting for SIC Televisão Sundrax Art Gate Pro – Rack-mounted DMX512-Ethernet bidirectional converter, splitter, booster, intelligent merger […]

Supply 2022 – Stage 22

2022 – Supply of various video/lighting equipment for a company Palco 22 – Video Panel LED F2 (2.9 mm pixel pitch) by Chauvet Professional +info: […]

CCB Sala Almada Negreiros, Belém

2018 For the Almada Negreiros Room at the Centro Cultural de Belem, Garrett Audiovisuais installed a lighting system with Chauvet projectors, Sundrax control and […]

Centro Cultural de Belém

Belem Cultural Center

2014 – The lighting control of the Small and Large Auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Belém has new reinforcements.